Oisin is a sales assitant. He prices things. Stacks them. Moves them. Makes sure they stay there until someone wants to buy them. Sells them. Replaces them. Prices them. Stacks them. Moves them. Puts them back. He has a difficult relationship with his manager. SPIN103.8 plays over the radio all day which is sometimes the worst.  He likes the Robbie Williams one though. And the Girls Aloud one. Maybe the Ke$ha one. Not the Rihanna one and definitely not the Flo-Rida one. If his contract gets reduced to 16 hours, he’s definitely going to quit smoking. He isn’t making his sales targets and his mother wants to know what use he’s putting his degree to. 

He tries to make art about it but probably isn’t an artist. He’s a sales assistant.

Writer / Performer / Salesman was presented at Project Arts Centre, as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On, 2013.

Written and performed by Oisin McKenna

Directed by Oonagh Murphy