GRINDR / a love story (2013)

“GRINDR is, at it’s heart, a long-overdue and welcomed look at the condition of that rare genus of young man, the admirable if somewhat irreconcilable cocktail of hopeless romantic and virile, red-blooded male.” - Totally Dublin

Johnny’s first relationships took place on Bebo. His first sexual experiences were coordinated through MySpace. But lately, this isn’t enough. Johnny is looking for love. He’s looked on the bus. He’s looked in the clubs. He’s looked in the smoking area, the dancefloor, the taxi rank, and the chipper. He looks for it on Grindr and still can’t find it anywhere. A new play about the internet, sex, and frantically trying to connect, this is a show for anyone who has ever been hook and sinker certain that their soulmate is a stranger they stumbled across on Facebook.

GRINDR / a love story premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival, 2013.

Written by Oisin McKenna

Performed by Matthew Malone and Oisin McKenna

Directed by David Doyle and Patrick Culhane